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Discover Our Latest Steel Stamping Machinery


Wetori ISK 3000 Hydroforming Press Main Cylinder 1000 tons – 2 Side Cylinders 800 tons each – Bottom Cylinder 400 tons

The touch screen controller can be used to calculate and set many kinds of forming speeds and pressures as well as the formation of complicated shapes.

AMADA HFA 500 Power Hacksaw

We have added a second power hacksaw to our machine inventory. We are increasing our ability to serve our customers. This, with the hydroforming press above, we can make all kinds of reducers, T fittings, and other shapes to satisfy your needs.


Deep Draw Tubular Shapes Are Here at PSP. These Can Be Made With or Without Holes and Placed Anywhere on the Drawn Shape

So if this type of work is what you're looking for, we can manufacture it for you.

New Feeder 1

Coe Servomaster Feed

The Servomaster 6 controller consists of the servo drive encloser, which includes the FM6 display and the other hardware necessary for operations. This equipment is a very accurate feeder.