Stamped Metal Production in Chicago, IL

Precision Stamping Products, Inc. has extensive in-house capabilities along with partner relationships that make a strong combination to take your job from concept and design to a quality finished product as seamless, trouble-free, and efficient as possible. We produce one of the broadest array (from aluminum to zirconium) of stamped metal products in the industry, are well known for our production and cost-saving applications, and are uniquely experienced and equipped to produce some of the world’s best deep draw products for our customers.

Our Extensive Knowledge Includes:

  • On-Time Delivery

  • Specializing in Deep-Drawn Parts

  • Design Tooling/Part

  • Production

  • Meticulous Quality Control

Production – Equipped for Quality, Efficiency, and Capacity

Precision Stamping Products, Inc. is prepared for almost any application in the metal stamping business. PSP is an industry leader in deep draw products and is capable of producing stamped metal products both big and small and all made in the USA in our Schiller Park, Illinois facility.