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 PSP - Quality...Investing in our Customer

Overseas Manufacturer
Inability to Meet Tolerance Requirements
Delivery Problems
Production Timing
Increasing Costs

PSP Solution
This customer produced multiple pieces to assemble into one part for their customers. Part inconsistencies were causing problems for the end user and higher tolerance specifications were required to solve the problem, which the current provider was unable to produce.

We discussed the job requirements with this customer and made engineering and production suggestions to improve consistency and manage costs. In addition, we made extensive investments in equipment (4-CNC Machines and a Sheffield CMM testing machine) to allow us to control and produce the entire multi-part product in house from start to finish.

This commitment to solve our customer's problem has resulted a product whose specifications holds the 26 micron tolerance threshold, is consistent and eliminated end user issues, reduced costs in many areas, solved inventory problems and dramatically improved production time.






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