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Deep Draw Chicago

Deep Draw is a stamping process where you form sheet metal in order to create a bowl or extend the bottom of the stamping wider than the radius of the item.

Precision Stamp has been the leading provider of Deep Draw metal stamping in the Chicagoland area. We have perfected the process and have machines dedicated to filling deep draw orders from any company in the world.

We have an engineering division on our factory that can shape and bend any deep draw stamping you might need. With deep draw it is usually combined with other forming techniques and process that are set in the calibration of the press during the stamping process. Precision Stamp specializes in adding these custom deep draw formations as well:

Beading - Beading is where we can create and o-ring shape and formation to any deep draw order.

Bottom Piercing - Bottom piercing can be used to remove or cut any metal from the drawn part.

Bulging - We can match any diameter bulging you need in order to fit your deep draw order to what you want.

Coining - Coining will give you the chance to take any displaced material and make it to any shape in the part during the deep draw process. This is a great way to utilize our engineering team during creation to match your order.

Curling - Let us create any thick, edge and wrap it under to fully customize your dreep draw needs.

Extruding - In Chicago we get a lot of order for extruding which can be used to create a larger diameter causing the stamping metal to expand and grow through the process.

Ironing / Wall Thinning: THis will reduce the thickness of the parts you need. We have an excellent quality control team dedicated to making sure your deep draw orders are fulfilled to your specifications.

Necking - During the necking process we can form and bend to create a neck for the item you need while also providing a notch as well.

Threading - We specialize in created threading parts for deep draw materials.

We also can do work in rib forming, side piercing, and trimming, different deep draw products you need.

Call Precision Stamp today and place your next Deep Draw order through our manufacturing plant in Chicago, Illinois. We ship anywhere in the world.



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